Top 5 Funniest – or Most Unusual Questions – a Student Has Asked You?

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Kids say the darndest things. That’s both an old TV show and a truism – particularly if you teach lower grades. Student’s curiosity combined with a nice touch of innocence is a perfect recipe for memorable questions.

ThinkFives and ESGI asked hundreds of teachers to share unusual or funny questions that were asked of them. Here are some of the best.

All About Science and Math

All About Science and Math

  • Do astronauts see rainbows?
  • Does ramen grow on trees or is it a plant?
  • What bad things happen if boys sleep over at a girl’s house? (Dad said it’s bad)
  • Where do numbers come from?
  • Why don’t islands not float away?


  • Can I go home with you?
  • Can you come live with me forever?
  • How do I smell pretty like you?
  • Why are you not married to me?
  • Can I come over for dinner?


  • How long is a lion’s tongue?
  • Do jellyfish come in different flavors?
  • Why can’t boy animals have babies?
  • Where do kittens come from?
  • Why do worms look like noodles?


  • How rich can you get being a teacher?
  • Do teachers wear underwear?
  • What are you going to be when you grow up?
  • What was it like before TV? (I’m 30)
  • Where do you work?


  • Do you have a house, or do you live at school?
  • Do you have a mom?
  • Why do you color your legs with a purple crayon? (veins)
  • Why is your belly so big? Did you eat a lot of lunch?
  • And our favorite, “You want a piece of me?”

What is the funniest question a student asked you?


  1. I can’t remember a specific question, but I used to see students from my school at the store and they would say to their parent, “She goes to my school!” 😂😂

  2. When are you going to grow up? (I teach first grade. I’m 5 feet tall and 105 lbs.) I told the student that I may grow out but I’ll never grow any taller.

  3. Watching a Jack Hartman video, a student asked me, “Is that your daddy?”
    Funny thing about that is my dad kind of looked and acted like him!

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