Top 5 Hats Worn by This Former Teacher

“Her flare for fashion really ignites and sustains our faith.”

You may have seen La Verne on the news. Or at least her hats. Since COVID-19 began, the 82-year-old retired educator decks herself out head-to-toe every Sunday, then — to the delight of fellow parishioners at Metropolitan Baptist Church — posts a selfie on Facebook after the service.

Parishioners often call Wimberly “Doctor.” She has a PhD in education and spent many years as a school teacher, principal and superintendent.

Since March 29, 2020, La Verne has taken photos of herself from her living room in over 55 different color-coordinated outfits.

The ThinkFives Director of Fashion, Miss Victora, has chosen the Top 5 Hats from the La Verne Ford collection for your delight.

Purple Whimsey

Our #5 choice is La Verne’s purple beauty. With a nod to the professors at Harry Potter’s School for Wizardry Hogwarts, this shimmery purple outfit fashions a whimsical look with floral embellishments and a light lace hat.  It’s regal and stunning.

Dressing up like this for an online service is not unusual for La Verne. “In the 20 years I’ve been going to church there, I’ve always had my little routine that I learned from my mother as a girl,” she said. “I’d pick out a nice outfit and hat and lay it out the night before, so that I could be prepared and look presentable.”

Online services and COVID-19 were not going to deter La Verne.

Black and White Re-invented

Versace meets UFO.  This eye-catching attire sports a coordinated print with white with black and white spiraling out of control.  The hat is a vortex of captivity with a touch of gold trim that adds an elegant twist. Beam me up Scottie.

La Verne’s pastor is least surprised by the attention La Verne has gathered. “Her impressive hat collection is merely an outer expression of her inner wisdom, wit and grace,” Pastor Owens said. “We look forward to the day she again graces our church sanctuary with her impeccable style.”

Pretty in Pink

Looking like Queen Elizabeth herself, La Verne’s tribute to Pink projects a very vibrant color reminding one of royalty. Elegant but warm, it stuns an audience. And the ribbons on the hat topped by feathers gives the piece a lightweight feel ready to host a Head of State.

Along with posting her outfits, La Verne also posts “Messages of Hope” each week including Scriptures and inspiring words for her friends and family on Facebook.” ( ).

“Her flare for fashion really ignites and sustains our faith,” shared Pastor Owens.

Red Adornments

La Verne’s red regalia is all about accessories. The vibrant color’s sophistication is challenged by an oversized neck piece that provides the perfect adornment. The impeccably matching earrings and hat piece bring this all together, flashing complete head-to-toe high fashion. It’s a favorite of ours, tuning heads everywhere she goes.

La Verne has logged each outfit on a calendar, so she doesn’t accidentally wear her divine designs twice.  “People always looked forward to seeing what I was wearing. So when I posted that photo, everyone told me it boosted their spirits.”

Trendy Tribute

A veritable tribute to COVID-19, our #1 favorite is La Verne’s homage to 2020. Shiny silver sequence salutes our perseverance during the pandemic while the shield is an acknowledgement to safety but a reminder that it will not dim beauty. This trendy fashion-forward statement is all she needs to be our favorite Former Teacher of the Year.

Honorable Mentions

Check out a few of these other beauties.

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  1. La Verne is so iconic. Wow, someone that can pull off these hats is definitely an icon. She has great fashion taste too.

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