Top 5 Best Things About Teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten

As a former high school teacher, every time I meet a kindergarten teacher, I’m amazed at their commitment. The care and concern they show to every individual in their classroom are genuinely amazing.

So why do teachers select to teach these youngsters? ESGI and ThinkFives polled hundreds of Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers, and here is what they had to say.

Student Enthusiasm

It’s clear from talking to early childhood teachers that students at this age have more enthusiasm for learning than any other grade level. You don’t believe that? Walk into a kindergarten class anytime. Then walk a building over and go into a 12th-grade high school class. Notice the difference?

  • “The enthusiasm and love of learning”   
  • “Students this age love learning. It’s the best!”  
  • “The kids’ hugs and excitement for learning”
  • “They still love school and think I walk on water.”
  • “I love that they are still little and love school and are just beginning to learn”

Student Growth

Early childhood teachers love to see the growth in students. However, while growth over time can be measured at any grade level, in the early years, growth can be measured by the day, not the month.

  • “The growth is so much more significant than in other grades. We go from first time away from parents to independent learners!”
  • “The growth from the beginning of the year to the end. In kindergarten, I love seeing the growth that students make every month.”
  • “They come into school not even knowing letters or how to write their name and they end the year a reader and writer. They also love to learn!”
  • “Watching them grow from not knowing what a letter even is to writing a book by the end of the year!”

Student Curiosity

Have you ever brought a wrapped box into a kindergarten class? Do you know how hard it is to do anything else until you open the box? Their curiosity is boundless.

  • “Everything is magical to the students.”
  • “The kids are amazed at the smallest things!”     
  • “The kids love to learn and are fascinated by everything”              
  • “We can be super creative!”
  • “They are sponges and absorb everything!”

Student Light Bulb Moments

Every teacher knows what that “lightbulb moment” is and can see it in the eyes of students. Early childhood teachers see this so often they can probably light a city.

  • “The sparks from learning show more frequently”           
  • “The big ah-ha moments. There are a lot of days where you can literally see the light bulb come on for these kids, that’s the best!”    
  • “All the light bulbs that you can see come on during the whole year.”      
  • “You are a child’s first teacher and experience with school. Seeing the “lightbulb” moments!”     
  • “The unjaded innocence of most, love of learning & the moment their face lights up”      

Student’s Educational Foundation

Early childhood teachers know that great responsibility rests on their shoulders. They lay the foundation for everything that will come. But that’s precisely how they derive much of their satisfaction.

  • “That I am the foundation of their learning!”      
  • “Seeing them blossom into readers”       
  • “You are setting them up for learning the rest of their lives.”       
  • “The gratification to see more growth in k than any grade”
  • “I like this age because it helps shape personalities, hearts, and minds.”

Why do you teach the grade that you do?


  1. God bless the teachers that work with PreK and K! I love my third graders…they get my jokes and still want hugs. 🥰

  2. I taught private pre-K for two years before venturing into public school. I love their young minds and sweet smiling faces!!! 👦🏻👧

  3. I’ve taught PreK & Kdg for 27 years and wouldn’t have it any other way! They are so sweet at this age and think their teachers are rock stars. I will admit they zap my energy some days, but I still love ’em! Watching the growth they make throughout the year makes it all worth it.

  4. I love teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten because I can use other methods for learning. For example, I can make up a chat or song that will become a great learning tool. Music can assist students to remember information. It can become easy to learn while having fun.😀

    1. I am also the CEO of ESGI and we work with thousands of Kindergarten teachers. They love working with their students and have such commitment to the families and children.

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