The Adventures of Roy

Can You Remember Your First Year of Teaching?

Roy B. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Nickname: “Robo” xxxxxxxxxxx Graduated: Marquette 2021 xxxx First Day of School: August 2021 xx Emotion: Excited

Follow the Adventures of Roy B. as he navigates the excitement and challenges of his first year of teaching.

ThinkFives interviewed Roy before he started teaching and will check in with him again mid-year and in June!

August 2021

It’s 3 weeks from his first day of teaching in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Roy is spending the summer in Cape Cod, working at the Cape Cod Baseball League and relaxing a little before his planned trek from New York City to Wisconsin. Roy shares his thoughts of why he chose teaching, what he expects and what he looks forward to most.

Why Teaching?

Day 1 Excitement?

Roy accepted his position teaching five classes of English at the high school level. Roy shares his thoughts on what he looks forward to teaching and how he will judge success at the end of year.

Ready to Teach English?

What is Success?

Coaching Rugby?

Roy played rugby at Marquette University, where his team won their league championship. Roy will be coaching girls rugby in the fall and he shares his thoughts about what he will be looking forward to most as a first year coach.

What do you remember most about your first year of teaching?


  1. This is great! From my first year teaching, the thing I remember most is how difficult parents made my job. The kids were (and are!) awesome!

  2. I think the hardest thing about my first year is the preparation for lessons. It took me a while to understand that I need to stay late after school to prepare for the next day’s lesson.

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