Top 5 Reasons to Follow ThinkFives

Pandemonium abounds here at Think Fives as we launch our first Top 5 Lists. Everyone should signup and follow us - but we might be a little biased.

Celebrate the Teacher in Each of Us

Teachers are heroes. You know it’s hard to describe what it’s like to:
* prep for a class
* teach to every child’s needs
* entertain like a star
* spend the rest of the night reading assignments
Have we missed some? ThinkFives celebrates the heroic work you do everyday.

Think At Least 5x a Day

Top 5 Lists come to your inbox or social media feed almost every day (we may take Sundays off). ThinkFives are instructional, inspirational, and hopefully fun too. We know you think more than five times a day, but this will guarantee it.

Receive Top 5 Lists Free, Free, Free

Ask any teacher and you’ll hear that the favorite word in the lexicon of a teacher (or administrator) is “free.” ThinkFives is completely free and provided for your entertainment pleasure. We at ThinkFives were teachers so we want you to spend your money on your students — and yourself.

Amuse Even Librarians

Mel Brooks said “humor is just another defense against the universe.“ Where would we be without humor? If you follow ThinkFives, we’re hoping you’ll never find that out. Fun Top Five Lists, entertaining teaching stories and memes are shared every time we think you need a little cheering up. Let’s see if we can get that librarian to guffaw.

Win $105 Every Fun(d) Friday

The news that ThinkFives is free was already exciting but wait for this… we are also giving money away!  It’s not “Go Fund Me” it’s “ThinkFives Fund Me.”  Every Friday is Fun(d) Friday where you will have the chance to win $105 and increase your chances by completing a boost on our website.  Fund your class – or your own sanity — just don’t tell our finance department about this.

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Do you have a Top 5 List you’d like to see?  Comment below.

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  1. I loved using ThinkFives. Such an amazing tool to see the Top 5 Listings about fun and cultural topics, such as classroom activities. Interesting to see what other teachers are thinking about.

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