The Dog Ate My Homework!

Top 5 Funniest Student Excuses

The Survey Says

Everyone knows that a great teacher embraces creativity and encourages it in each and every student. Many students learn this lesson quite well but unfortunately, illustrate their mastery when pressed about homework not being completed or projects left undone.

The excuse “the dog ate my homework” probably dates to the Paleolithic era when a creative student met the first dog. Poor canines have been blamed for academic failures for the next 15,000 years. While the excuse continues to be an old favorite, students today have applied their creativity to parents, families, other pets and now of course technology.

ESGI and ThinkFives polled hundreds of teachers to solicit the funniest or most creative excuses they have heard in their classrooms. These are actual excuses used by students and shared with ThinkFives.

It’s My Parents!

  • My mom punished me by not letting me do it.
  • My mother said “Jesus is coming soon so we better go to church instead of doing homework.”
  • My mama fell through the porch.
  • My dad didn’t do it.
  • My nanny drove over my science project and the fruit flies just didn’t make it.

There’s an Animal or Sibling Involved

  • My cat peed on my homework.
  • A duck flew into the house and grabbed it with the Rice Krispies.
  • My little brother hid it too well during hide and seek.
  • My baby sister ate it because she still doesn’t know what food is.
  • My brother was farting all night and I couldn’t be in my room. That’s where my computer is.

Darn that Technology 

  • Our Internet does not work unless the sun is shining.
  • My mom locked me in the bathroom until I would take a shower and there was no wifi in there.
  • I thought I was using the copier but it was the shredder.
  • I dropped my iPad in the toilet.
  • My Chromebook is sick. It has a virus.

Understandable Issues

  • It was International Pancake Day- free pancakes at the IHOP.
  • I had a potty battle and I lost!
  • I had to get my hair done
  • I didn’t want to add to your workload.
  • My friend is failing so I gave it to him to use.


  • It was raining.
  • My brain left my body for a bit.
  • I didn’t have time because I had to play with my PlayStation.
  • I didn’t want “Sally” to be the only one that didn’t have her homework today.
  • I kept thinking about bubblegum.

What’s a Funny Excuse You’ve Heard?


  1. For the reason their laptop wasn’t charged for class today a student said, “We don’t have outlets at home.” When in fact I know he does.🙄😂#middleschoolers #alwaysforthelaugh

  2. There’s always an excuse! I don’t get it. Doing my homework when I was a kid wasn’t an option! 🙄

  3. I have to admit: “My Chromebook is sick. It has a virus.” was a very clever one. Wow, such creativity there! Really impressed!

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