Top TPT Resources for ELA 2023

Are you a Pre-K or K teacher looking for high-quality, effective ELA resources for your classroom?

Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) is a go-to resource for finding materials that can help enhance your teaching and improve student learning outcomes. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which products are worth investing in.

ThinkFives compiled a list of the five best-selling ELA products on TPT to help you make an informed decision. These products have been tried and tested by other teachers and have received high ratings and positive reviews, making them some of the best resources available for teaching ELA to Pre-K through 4th grade students. We have two lists: one for Pre-K – Kindergarten and one for 1st grade through 4th grade. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the Top 5 best-selling and best-reviewed ELA products on TPT!

Pre-K to Elementary

Sight Word Fluency Phrase Booklets

Reagan Tunstall

9,648 reviews, 60 pages

Sight Word Fluency Phrase Booklets is a set of five booklets designed to provide targeted sight word and fluency phrase practice for Pre-K and K students. Each booklet contains 100 Fry’s sight words, and all five booklets track 500 Fry’s sight words with corresponding fluency phrases. The booklets are designed to get increasingly difficult and can meet the needs of various levels of readers.

The booklets are easy to put together, and there are master lists for easy teacher reference and tracking. The booklets are perfect for reading homework, RTI, small group practice, and data and accountability ready. Each booklet page has the word list on the front and the fluency phrases on the back, and students can work through the booklets at their own pace.


  • OH MY GOODNESS THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING! My students are really struggling with sight words/reading.
  • This was great for an end of year packet for my PreK students. It has also been great for summer camp with my K and 1st graders!!!
  • My daughter LOVED these booklets and working on them! She thought it was a fun coloring time and just so happened to practice her words during that time.

Read and Sequence NO PREP Packet (Set 1) Google™ Slide Ready

The Moffatt Girls

10,574 reviews, 36 pages

The “Read and Sequence NO PREP Packet” is a digital product that provides an engaging way for beginning and struggling readers in Pre-K and K to work on comprehension, fluency, and building confidence. The packet includes 30 simple stories that kids can read and sequence. The stories are designed to be read with early phonics skills and basic sight word recognition and work with CVC words, color words, and mostly pre-primer Dolch sight words.

After reading each story, students can cut and paste to show the sequence of events, which allows them to demonstrate their comprehension of the text. The packet includes 3 stars on the upper lefthand corner for students to color after three separate times. The product is Google™ Slide Ready and can be used from end to end.


  • I love how I can use this set from end to end! Amazing work done! Thank you so much.
  • I love this reading worksheet for my child, it helps him learn how to read and he knows how to place the story in order.
  • This is a great resource for practicing reading and retelling by sequencing the events of the story. My students love the different stories.

Writers Workshop: Beginning of the Year Writing, Unit 1 Pictures Tell a Story

Deanna Jump

11,189 reviews, 80 pages

The “Writers Workshop Curriculum K-1 | Writing Through the Year™” is a comprehensive curriculum designed for Pre-K and K teachers who are looking for a writers workshop curriculum for the beginning of the year. This curriculum was created by two kindergarten teachers with over 20 years of classroom experience, and each writing lesson has been classroom-tested and student-approved. The curriculum is designed to incorporate all of the ELA standards while introducing students to the love of writing.

This is the first unit in the curriculum, and it includes a series of mini-lessons that will guide teachers as they launch a writers workshop with their students. The mini-lessons are designed to support students where they are and help them learn to use illustrations and/or words to express themselves as writers. The curriculum is Common Core State Standards and TEKS aligned, and the standards correlation guide is included in the product preview.


  • I love these writing units! The anchor charts are AWESOME!! This was the first year I used the units.
  • Beyond Fabulous! I bought the whole year and loved it for kindergarten!!!
  • This is an amazing unit! I know this will help me teach my first year of writers workshop.

Writing Center Starter Kit! {Printables}

A Cupcake for the Teacher

13,841 reviews, 34 pages

The “Writing Center Starter Kit! {Printables}” is a comprehensive kit designed for Pre-K and K teachers who want to create their own classroom writing center. The kit includes everything needed to make an office on a tri-fold board, create a writing bulletin board, or use the pieces in a writer’s notebook/folder. Inside, there are 9 regular writing samples, including letter, postcard, poem, recipe, list, card, and story, and 7 longer/indented writing samples, including letter, postcard, poem, recipe, list, and story.

The kit is self-explanatory, and it grows with students’ abilities. Teachers who have used this kit love that it is so engaging that it has become a center most days in their classes, and students love writing different types of things.


  • I am excited to use this for my writing center this year! I love how you’ve included different examples so it grows with the students’ abilities.
  • lOVE this! It is a center most days in my class now. The kids love writing different types of things and it is so self explanatory that they aren’t coming up and interrupting my reading groups anymore!
  • I LOVE that there are differentiated pieces from lower-higher pieces of work.

Guided Reading Group Activities and Lessons – Small Group Reading

Deanna Jump

18,348 reviews, 275 pages

This Guided Reading resource is a comprehensive kit designed for Prek and K teachers who conduct small group instruction. The kit is packed full of guided reading activities and lessons, and it includes everything needed to conduct successful, engaging guided reading group lessons. The resource underwent a HUGE revision on May 6, 2021, and it doubled in size.

The bestselling guided reading resource includes reading strategy charts for each strategy in pennant format and poster format, a reading strategy chart for students, trading cards to reinforce learning at home, explicit lessons and activities to teach each reading strategy, word work activities and printables to reinforce the strategies during Guided Reading lessons.

Teachers who have used this resource love that it is packed full of everything needed for successful guided reading group lessons, and that it is a comprehensive kit with activities, printables, and lesson plans for each reading strategy.


  • OMG, I met Deanna at the I Teach K! Conference this summer! Love her and ALL the resources she provides.
  • This product is fantastic! I plan to use it with my intervention group in my second grade class. Thanks for all your hard work!
  • The material provided was the best educational piece I have ever purchased. AWESOME!!!!

Honorable Mentions

  • Reading Intervention Binder for Beginning Readers No Prep ELA SOR Aligned, Miss DeCarbo
  • Sight Word Practice with Games, Books, Worksheets, Color By Code, High Frequency, Simply Kinder
  • CVC Booklets (Build it, Read it, Write it)!, The Moffatt Girls
  • Decodable Phonics Poems for Grades K-2, Susan Jones
  • Ultimate Phonics Worksheets {Kindergarten Phonics}, Karen Jones


Reading Interactive Notebook: Nonfiction Text Activities

Lovin Lit

11,059 reviews, 130 pages

The Nonfiction Reading Interactive Notebooks is a teacher resource aimed at elementary teachers, offering an original interactive notebooking technique for nonfiction text. The notebook includes 14 lessons, each with detailed teacher instructions, templates for student pages, and photos of the finished product.

This notebook is a companion to Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks and is Common Core Aligned for grades 4-8. The product has sold over 32,000 copies and provides teachers with all the necessary information to begin teaching nonfiction text strategies.

  • I just don’t know how you do it, but goodness gracious!  Your stuff is great!
  • Best TPT product I have purchased! I also love the informational text pages to go along with this!
  • Out of all my purchases for this school year, I am most excited about this one.

First Grade Back to School Activities First Week Beginning of the Year BUNDLE

Babbling Abby

The First Grade Back to School Activities & Bulletin Board Displays is a resource for first-grade teachers that includes 13 engaging and simple activities to use on the first day of school. The resource is designed to help teachers save time in prepping for the beginning of the school year, while also building classroom community and getting to know their students.

Teachers love how easy the activities are to prepare, and students enjoy sharing about themselves, getting to know their classmates, and having fun while easing into the routine and structure of a new classroom. The activities are designed to make the first week of school a blast and many of them can be used as bulletin board displays once completed.

  • I use these at the beginning of the year in first grade.  My kids love them and so do I.
  • This resource is so perfect for the first few days of school. It supplies great icebreakers and getting to know you items!
  • I’ve been using this for a couple of years, and decided I needed to let you know how great it is!  Thanks!

Writing Interactive Notebooks: Writing Activities {Interactive Writing Notebook}

Lovin Lit

9,375 reviews, 225 pages

The Writing Interactive Notebooks for Sentences and Paragraphs is a resource designed for teachers of Common Core grades 3-8, providing a companion to the TPT Best Sellers for Reading Literature and Reading Informational Text. The Interactive Writing Notebook is the original version, having sold over 30,000 copies, and is now part of an interactive notebook bundle.

The resource includes 26 lessons, each with a photo of the finished product, teacher’s notes, teacher’s instructions, and student pages (templates). The resource provides all the necessary information for teaching writing concepts and is not just a collection of templates and organizers that require extensive research and prep time.

  • Your interactive notebooks are nothing short of amazing!  I love them all.
  • This product really fits my needs! I’m a homeschool mom teaching a middle-school son who has dyslexia and ADHD.
  • I really have to say this is an outstanding product.  I do not give every item I use a four start rating, but this product has earned it.

Phonics Reading Comprehension Passages Worksheets

A Teachable Teacher

9,037 reviews, 99 passages

All-in-One Reading Passages is a comprehensive resource designed to help students practice phonics, fluency, comprehension, and reading skills. This resource offers reading comprehension passages and questions that require no prep work for the teacher. The passages focus on a targeted phonics skill that builds fluency and comprehension while students practice reading in context.

The resource now includes original PDF and new digital versions of each phonics reading passage for distance learning. All-in-One Reading Passages is an essential bundle for every phonics-learning classroom, providing a valuable tool for teachers and a fun and engaging way for students to practice and develop their reading skills.

  • I used these last year in 1st Grade and I absolutely LOVED them! They are such a perfect way to practice fluency, comprehension and the skill you are focused on!
  • I LOVE that this resource combines comprehension with phonics. This is exactly what I needed.
  • Wow – these are just incredible! I used these last year in 1st Grade and we all absolutely LOVED them!

My First Grade Helper

Michelle Oakes

8,537 reviews

The “First Grade Helper” is a teacher resource that aims to make teaching first grade easier. The resource consists of two laminated pages back-to-back, which provide students with useful information such as letters and picture clues for sounds, vowels, digraphs, blends, money, a 120’s chart, a writer’s checklist, and much more.

This resource is designed to provide students with all the information they need at their fingertips. The set contains 8 pages, and there are two additional versions available, including one with an editable word wall and another with no header, so it can be used with various grades.

  • I love this! I’ve been looking for something along these lines.
  • This was helpful for students to be more independent. I had them use these when they were working at stations or on their own.
  • This is such a great resource for my first grade students. I have some printed and laminated and they use them all the time.

What is your favorite TPT ELA resource?


  1. These look fabulous! Get those kiddos sounding out letters and words and then READING!!! 🤓📚

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