Top TPT Resources for Math 2023 (Pre-K to Elementary)

Are you a Pre-K or K teacher looking for high-quality, effective math resources for your classroom?

Resources are essential in math education, and Teachers Pay Teachers is a go-to platform for finding materials that can enhance your teaching and improve student learning outcomes. With numerous options available, selecting the right products can be overwhelming, which is why ThinkFives has compiled a list of the top five selling math products on TPT to help you make an informed decision.

These products have been tried and tested by other teachers and have received high ratings and positive reviews, making them some of the best resources available for teaching math to Pre-K through 4th-grade students. We have two lists: one for Pre-K – Kindergarten and one for 1st grade through 4th grade. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the Top 5 best-selling and best-reviewed math products on TPT!

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Easy Numbers Interactive Notebook

Simply Kinder

328 reviews, 67 pages

The Easy Numbers Interactive Notebook is a fun and engaging resource that helps kindergarteners learn the numbers 0-10. It includes interactive pieces that follow the same format for each number, making it easy for students to understand and create an amazing notebook.

The notebook includes activities such as cut and paste a simple title, number writing, number word writing, identifying the correct number sets, and counting and sorting. This resource is designed to be easy for both students and teachers to use, and it is a great addition to any kindergarten math curriculum.


  • This was a great resource to get my kindergarten students engaged. I love the Simply Kinder products.
  • I used this with my special education pull out group of 1st graders. This really helped in number recognition and the multiple ways that a number can be represented.
  • My students love this resource for continued practice with numbers. I really like this type of activity for hands-on classroom practice.

Moon Madness {Literacy, Science, Math and More}

247 Teacher

141 reviews, 81 pages

The Moon Fun resource is a comprehensive unit that contains over 70 pages of activities for students. The unit includes Moon Writing Craftivities, Graphic Organizers, Moon Shaped Book, Diagrams, Foldables, Fractions, Adding Doubles, Time, Differentiated Writing activities, and more. The Moon Craftivity comes in gray scale and white with 4 paper choices, and includes foldables for lapbooks.

Math activity pages are also included for Moon Phases, What We See From Earth, and Moon Pies. This unit is an excellent resource for teachers looking to engage their students with fun and informative activities related to the moon. All pages are laid out in the preview so teachers can see exactly what they are getting before purchasing.


  • What a great resource for such a fun theme! The activities are great and so on point for my child’s learning level. We both love it!
  • Used as supplement after reading novel about space.
  • This was perfect for our moon unit!

Kindergarten Number Sense Interactive Notebook 1-10~ Printable and/or Digital


85 reviews, 12 pages

This interactive notebook is designed to help young kindergarteners learn about numbers in a fun and engaging way. It includes simple square cut-outs that are easy for students to cut and paste. The notebook features activities such as writing numbers rainbow-style, representing numbers in different ways by drawing sets, counters on ten frames, and tally marks.

It can be used in a classroom or on a digital device for remote learning.


  • I love how this is engaging and hands on for the kids!
  • I am so thankful for this resource!!  It really helps with number sense and makes it meaningful for them. Thank you!!
  • Number sense is so important. Super resource for kindergarten

Counting and Writing Numbers 1-120 Math Unit

Teaching with Terhune

78 reviews, 162 pages

Counting and Writing Numbers 1-120 Math Unit

This math bundle is designed to provide a comprehensive unit on counting and writing numbers from 1 to 120. It includes a Smartboard lesson, worksheets, activities for both whole-group and small-group settings, math centers, and assessment pages to check student understanding. The materials are of various levels, making it suitable for different learning styles and abilities. The bundle is easy to use and even suitable for substitute teachers to teach. A preview of the contents is available for viewing.


  • My students and I loved this resource! There are so many engaging games included to practice their counting skills.
  • My kids loved using these during centers!!
  • My students loved this supplemental resource!

Numbers 1-5: Number Sense Book

Kinder Sparkle

27 reviews, 25 pages

This is a differentiated number sense book for numbers 1-5, featuring two booklets. The first booklet is designed for intervention or grade-level students and includes activities such as rainbow writing, tracing and writing, identifying the number, building it on a ten frame, representing it in a set, and writing the number word and numeral.

The second booklet includes activities such as rainbow writing, tracing and writing, showing the number using tally marks, dots, and a ten frame, placing the number on a number line, adding one more and taking away one from the number, and writing the number word and numeral. These activities are meant to strengthen number sense and can be used in the classroom or for remote learning.


  • This was the perfect resource to use for small group instruction.
  • The kids love doing this activity and helped learn the numbers!
  • Love this! Great independent work!


Interactive Math Notebook for 1st grade {Unit 1: Counting and Writing Numbers}

Karen Jones

853 reviews,  44 pages

The Interactive Math Notebook is a resource designed specifically for first-grade students. It includes quick review or teaching points that take 5-7 minutes to complete, with each entry containing an “I can” statement related to the skill that students glue at the top of their page. The notebook covers counting and writing numbers, with over 20 different entries that can be used daily for a month, including notebook covers, unit headings, directions, photos, and tips.

The notebook is designed for easy differentiation, and it focuses on teen numbers and numbers up to 100, making it perfect for the first few months of first grade. This resource is an excellent tool for students to track their own learning, show parents at conferences, and keep as a summary to refer to at any time.


  • I used these activities with a Year 2 student in my support class and she really enjoyed them.
  • Great activities for the students to complete and put in their math journals for review and practice.
  • My students loved the interactive math journals. It kept them engaged at their seats while I was working with a group at the back table.

Interactive Notebook – Telling Time and Elapsed Time

Blair Turner

643 reviews, 35

The 3rd Grade Math Notebooks for Time and Elapsed Time is a resource aligned with the Common Core State Standards for third-grade mathematics. The notebook covers telling and writing time to the nearest minute, measuring time intervals in minutes, and solving word problems involving addition and subtraction of time intervals in minutes.

The resource includes directions with photographs for each activity, an “I Can” statement, and a vocabulary flap book with definitions for each term. The notebook is designed to be a hands-on way for students to learn time concepts, making it an engaging and effective teaching tool for third-grade math educators.


  • My students had so much fun adding these to their math journals. They loved working on the pages with partners or small groups.
  • Awesome interactive notebook for my third graders.  Can do some prep before hand to save some time.
  • This was a great tool to use both as a whole group activity and as a station activity after I laminated it.

Decimal Place Value Notebook BUNDLE

Frogs and Cupcakes

438 reviews, 72 pages

This resource offers an interactive approach to learning decimal concepts, providing teachers with graphic organizers, notes pages, hands-on activities, and detailed guidance. The decimal concepts covered in this resource include decimals in the real world, place value (up to tenths-thousandths included), modeling decimal numbers, identifying wholes and parts, ways to write decimal numbers, and much more.

With this resource, math notebooks can be spiced up, and students can engage in meaningful and interactive learning experiences. The resource is designed to provide teachers with the necessary tools to help students grasp decimal concepts in a fun and engaging way.


  • I use this in my Montessori classroom. I (and my students) love the interactive pages.
  • This was really nice to use in my below grade level class. it really helped!
  • This interactive worksheet made it fun for students to learn about decimals!

Doubles Facts to 20 {Doubles, Doubles + 1, Doubles + 2}

Laura Boriack

423 reviews, 44 pages

This resource provides extra practice and resources for adding doubles facts to 20, including doubles, doubles + 1, and doubles + 2. It offers posters, interactive notebook pages, printables, and games for effective teaching. The doubles resources include a doubles fact poster, doubles printables for students to write sums to doubles equations, an interactive notebook page, a game to sort cards with unifix cubes, and doubles fact posters to 20.

These resources are designed to help students understand doubles concepts in an engaging and meaningful way, making it easier for teachers to teach and for students to learn.


  • This was a great reinforcement activity for my 1st grade special ed students.
  • My students were really struggling with doubles and doubles +1, so this was the perfect extra practice for them!
  • We used this to help supplement small groups during math time.

Divisibility Rules Doodle Notes and Problem Solving Activity

Cognitive Cardio Math

267 reviews, 2 Student Pages +Keys

The Divisibility Rules Doodle Notes activity is a fun and engaging way to teach or review divisibility rules. It includes a student doodle notes page, an answer key and completed sample page, a problem-solving page with an answer key, and rules for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10.

The notes are customizable and can be altered to fit the teacher’s preference. The resource is easy to prepare and is designed to be kept as a study tool in student notebooks. By using this resource, students can learn divisibility rules in a fun and engaging way that is both effective and memorable.


  • I have been using this for my 5th grade students to help them simplify fractions! It is definitely a well loved and used resource in my classroom!
  • Loved these doodle notes. My students were really struggling with division, so we did these doodle notes together and they loved them.
  • This is a great resource to have students engaged and filling out the defintions and working with the divisibility rules for each number.

What is your favorite TPT Math resources?

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