Top 5 Most Followed YouTubers by Teachers

YouTube is emerging as a great teacher resource, hosting videos on professional development, teaching strategies and classroom activities.   With its ever-increasing playlists, YouTube is a site that teachers need to visit when planning curriculum.

It is estimated that it would take over 94,000 years to watch all the videos on YouTube.  And while teachers are always up for a good challenge, we here at ThinkFives want to make it easier for you. We polled elementary teachers and did research ourselves to identify this Top 5 List.

YouTube Channel: Richard Byrne

Richard Byrne

Have you ever wondered how to share Google Slides through a QR code? Or how to map distances on Google Earth?

Former High School teacher Richard Byrne digs into these specific inquiries for an interesting YouTube channel with over 14,000 subscribers. He also has a blog for teachers who prefer to have detailed written instructions to accompany their videos.

Top Video Examples

Reason to Follow

Byrne’s channel is aimed at providing free directions, tips and tricks for using the most popular education apps and websites.

Number of Subscribers: 36K

YouTube Channel: Too Cool for Middle School

Megan DuVarney Forbes

Middle school history and English teacher Megan DuVarney Forbes is a firm believer in ethics and justice, and her YouTube channel reflects that. She explains why she wants to use her platform to inspire people and serve as a role model for doing good in the world, rather than just being an influencer.

Top Video Examples

Reason to Follow

Megan shares informative topics that are practical, ranging from creating teacher goals to what to consider before teaching about Rosa Parks.

Number of Subscribers: 49.5K

YouTube Channel: Real Rap with Reynolds

CJ Reynolds

CJ Reynolds is a literature teacher who helps over 27,000 YouTube subscribers feel more confident and comfortable in the classroom. He also gets real about life and teaching, covering topics that many YouTube educators wouldn’t dare talk about.

Here, you’ll get honest advice on how to teach while heartbroken and what it means to create a culture of kindness in a hateful world.

Top Video Examples

Reason to Follow

Whether Lord of the Flies or Shakespeare, English and Literature teachers can also tune into Reynolds’ videos for advice on teaching classic works in a new age setting.

Number of Subscribers: 55.9k

YouTube Channel: That One Happy Classroom

Fernanda Sandoval

That One Happy Classroom is a vlog by Kindergarten Teacher Fernanda Sandoval. She’s a top pick for teachers because of her fundamental insights on life as an educator. She’s not afraid to share anything, from showing how she prepares for a teacher meet and greet to what classroom purchases she regrets.

Top Video Examples

Reason to Follow

Her vlogs are filled with tips on how teachers can feel their best at school, with confidence-boosting videos on teacher outfits of the week, impact driven teaching and how to get back in the game after a long holiday break.

Number of Subscribers: 58.5K

YouTube Channel: The Lettered Classroom

Bridget Spackman

Bridget Spackman is a fourth grade ELA teacher in Pennsylvania who shares everything about teaching and learning on her blog and YouTube channel, The Lettered Classroom. Some of her most popular videos are about classroom management and organization.

Her most popular videos include “Behavior Management in the Classroom,” “My Morning Work Routine” and “A Day in the Life of a Teacher.”

Top Video Examples

Reason to Follow

 Her down-to-earth personality helps motivate and inspire teachers to do their best with pride.

Number of Subscribers: 74K

Honorable Mentions

YouTube Channel: FriEdTechnology, Amy Mayer

Gifs, gamification and Google drawings are just a few topics explored on Amy Mayer’s YouTube channel.

Video Example:

YouTube Channel: Teacher Tech, Alice Keeler

Google-certified Educator Alice Keeler launched this YouTube channel which focuses on Google Classroom.

Video Example:

YouTube Channel: Smartie Style, La Tawnya Robinson

La Tawnya Robinson documents her challenges, inspirations and successes on the YouTube channel, Smartie Style.

Video Example:

Who Do You Like Watch on YouTube?

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  1. That One Happy Classroom is so relatable. She explains her day-to-day life, and it is so entertaining and heartwarming to watch, especially the part where she prepares her materials for the next day in the classroom.

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