Your Presidential Fun Fact Challenge!

So how well do you think you know our Presidents?

In honor of the upcoming President’s Day, ThinkFives created this challenge of Presidential Fun Facts. From generals to redheads, there have been 46 unique individuals who have held the office.

Presidential Record Setters

  • Which president served just 32 days and which president served 4,422? days?
  • Ten presidents weren’t Reelected.  Who was the first to earn this dubious honor?
  • Which president was first to be born as a citizen of the United States?
  • Which president took the phrase, “be fruitful and multiply” very literally and had 15 children?
  • Slavery was an ugly blemish in our early days.  Only 2 of the first 12 president did not own slaves? Who were these connected presidents?

Presidents of a Feather

  • Two founding fathers died on the same exact day and the anniversary of our country – July 4th.  Who were they?  (As a bonus, which other president died on the 4th of July?)
  • Which two presidents won Grammy Awards?  (Hint: the Grammys only started in 1959)
  • More presidents, eight in all, have been from Virginia than any other state. Who was the first — and more challenging — who was the last?
  • Who are the only presidents who signed the Constitution?
  • Of America’s 43 presidents, 12 have been former generals.  Who was the first and who was the last?

Could You Recognize These?

  • Who was the youngest person to be elected president and who was the oldest?  (As a bonus, name the person who became – not elected – the youngest President when he assumed office?)
  • Who was the shortest president (5 feet 4 inches) and who was the tallest president (6 feet 4 inches)?
  • There have been several presidents who were redheaded – if only in their youth for some.  Who was the first redhead and even powdered his hair white when he was younger?
  • Which president was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr.? 
  • Which president made it easy by marrying someone with the same last name as his?

The Modern World

  • Who was the first president to appear on television during a broadcast from the World’s Fair?
  • Which presidents were the first to participate in the televised presidential debates?
  • Which president honed his skills and had a private bowling alley installed in the White House?
  • Which president’s first lady earned a doctorate degree in education and taught  at a public high school?
  • Who was the first president born outside of the 48 contiguous states?


  • Who was the only president unanimously elected?
  • Which president and vice president serving together, never won a presidential campaign individually or as a ticket?
  • Who was the first president to be elected by the House of Representatives after a tie in the Electoral College?
  • Joe Biden is our 46th president, but there have only been 45 presidents?  How is this possible?
  • Which president won the most electoral votes?


Ready to see if you’re a ThinkFives Presidential scholar?  Check out the answers here.

What fun fact do you know about Presidents?

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  1. I am hanging my head….10/25.
    Fun Fact: James Garfield could write in Latin with one hand and in Greek with the other…at the same time!

  2. George Washington was a redhead??? I had no idea! Plus, I didn’t even know a Grammy could be won for audio books! Lots of interesting facts here!

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