Top 5 Teacher Tips for Supporting Your Child’s Learning

Navigating the world of your child’s education can sometimes feel like a maze. As parents, you want the best for your child, ensuring they have the tools and support they need to succeed academically. But where do you start? How can you best support your child’s learning journey?

ThinkFives conducted a survey with elementary school teachers, the front-liners in the world of education, to gather their top tips for parents. These educators spend countless hours with children, understanding their needs, strengths, and areas of improvement. Here’s the top 5 recommendation they have for parents:

Ask Questions

It might seem simple, but asking questions can make a world of difference. By showing genuine interest in your child’s day, lessons, and activities, you’re not only fostering open communication but also encouraging them to think critically about their experiences. Teachers have noted that children whose parents regularly ask them questions tend to be more engaged and reflective about their learning.

Communicate with the Teacher

Open communication with your child’s teacher is paramount. They are your allies in ensuring your child gets the best education possible. Regularly checking in, attending parent-teacher conferences, and discussing any concerns or observations can provide invaluable insights into your child’s academic journey. Remember, it’s a partnership, and both parties benefit from open and honest dialogue.

Check Their Folders/Backpacks

It’s a simple act, but regularly checking your child’s folders or backpacks can give you a direct look into their academic world. From assignments to grades, notes from teachers, or even artwork, these items can offer a glimpse into what your child is learning and how they’re performing. It also ensures that any important communications from the school don’t go unnoticed.

Stay Involved

Being an active participant in your child’s education goes beyond just homework help. Attend school events, volunteer when possible, and engage with the school community. Teachers have observed that children with involved parents often feel more supported and motivated in their academic endeavors. Your involvement sends a clear message to your child: their education matters to you.

Read with Them

Topping the list is the timeless advice of reading with your child. Whether it’s a bedtime story or a chapter from their favorite book, reading together fosters a love for literature, improves comprehension skills, and offers a wonderful bonding opportunity. Teachers unanimously agree: reading daily with your child can be one of the most impactful activities for their academic growth.

What is your best advice to parents?


  1. All so, so important for parents to take an interest in and support their children’s education! 🙌👏❤️📚🧠

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